Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why this book was written

More than half a century ago, the foundation was laid for a safe and secure future for humanity without environmental problems or lack of energy. Nevertheless, we are now experiencing a situation in which we are talking about an uncertain future threatened with global warming, resource constraints, overpopulation and energy crises. However, the reality is that we are abundant in energy and resources and are able to prevent both global warming and potential future threats of freezing. We can free ourselves from the nightmare without having to worry about standing in the shower for too long and without harmful side effects. There is also no problem with space, so the population expansion is not a serious obstacle to humanity’s wellbeing in the future. Contrary to the gloomy message of the world's environmental organizations, we can be merry to our heart's desires without having a bad conscience about our beautiful nature, that is, no modesty in either material deployment or the use of energy is necessary.

Does this seem like a bad joke in a difficult time, a kind of fictional annoying fairytale? Yes, definitely for most, simply because the key to the treasure chest in this lucky hunt is not perceived as a key, but as something insignificant we see every single day wherever we travel in the world. The key dangles in front of our eyes but is ignored, obviously due to a scared (and bewildered) unconsciousness.

Since I was 5 years old, I have been conscious of this phenomenon. In my younger years, I was more than convinced that everyone had to understand that trees in the forest were actually trees, not just fantasy crops in a fable that did not concern us. Despite the fact that I have long held on to that belief, I had to realize that the level of consciousness in the world has not just been strengthened over the years. This has led me to the point that I finally wrote that book. I was totally convinced my whole life that it would be completely meaningless to write, simply because the content should be basic general knowledge from elementary-grade school level learning. The opposite is unfortunately the case. Almost nobody knows this and I have now completed my work by writing the book about Mr. Nobrain and the environment, hoping that the world will not only wake up from its life-threatening sleep, but activate the world community with the only healing strategy that gets us out of this dilemma.

The book is currently available in Norwegian and English.



Einar Charles Larsen
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